Garlic is Wonderful

Gratitude for Garlic

There may be one good thing about  social distancing …it is a  good time to do a course of garlic cloves. GAPS practitioners use garlic as an antibiotic, because it is a powerfully good, registered anti biotic which ONLY kills the  bad bugs, not all your beneficial bugs as well. What a pity the “medicines” Allopathic (big pharma) doctors so often fall back on are so harmful. How many people have developed chronic conditions and mental illness after being prescribed antibiotics? So many ! I’m reminded of Graeme Sait who mentions he suffered 7 long years of major depression after being subjected to multiple  courses of broad-spectrum antibiotics.  They wiped out the good with the bad, and the opportunistic bad bugs got their chance to breed up. As we know from composting lessons, bad bugs convert nutrients in food into harmful substances like stinky gases, strong acids, formaldhyde, alcohol, and many other toxins … is no different in the personal compost heap we carry around in our gut. A lot of the toxins made by bad bugs affect the brain. It is the proportions of the various populations in the 2 kgs of microbes we host which determines our health.

So garlic excels at getting rid of bad bugs when they have overgrown but leaves the probiotics alone to do their vital work ( immunity, making B vitamins, digestion, gut wall integrity etc) If you burp a lot after meals you may have an overgrowth of candida yeast in the stomach.   You need to boost your stomach acid with sips of apple cider vinegar with meals ( maybe even supplements of HCl ), and  you want to kill off candida. As well as eating yogurt and kefir, both chockers with good bugs, send garlic in to do battle. Candida doesn’t work alone and of course there will be many other pathogens garlic will engage in mortal combat.

Garlic can be sent in through many portals: as a garlic tea you can stick it up your rear end ( parasitical worms die on contact with garlic coming from either end) ;  into your vagina to cure strep B , put it in your ear for an ear ache , there are so many uses for garlic ! A cut clove placed on a wart dissolves the wart in 3 days apparently. Fermented garlic juice will stop a flu in its tracks, if it is a natural virus and not a man made flu.

Because garlic is very strong there are a few provisos, so as usual be guided by your GAPS or other type NATURAL Healer.  Beware of applying neat garlic to delicate skin as it  can actually  burn, particularly the skin of infants. Garlic  can cause a Herxheimer reaction, which is the result of poisons being released by pathogens as they die off . This means you need the garlic but in a smaller dose at first so the die off reaction is not too severe for you. For some people riddled with bad bugs this may mean the juice only of fermented garlic in a tiny amount and building up the dosage from there, progressing to gently, briefly cooked speck of garlic in a serving of soup to larger amounts of cooked and then to raw garlic from there.

There are those people so unwell that they cannot eat vegetables & fruit without feeling worse. A carnivore  or No PLANT GAPS diet is indicated for them for a while, but there is an exception made for garlic and onions, certainly they are there from the start cooked in meat stock, but people with severe diarrhea should pick them out until some healing on meatstock has occurred. Garlic and onions are SULPHUR foods, which release cholesterol in the body, which does more repair . Cancer cannot live in the presence of garlic.

Mercury DeTox    

Organic garlic not only contains selenium, it contains Thiol, an antioxidant . This combination  releases  mercury which has been stored away in cells of tissues ( brain cells particularly) and washes it into the bloodstream .  If a person’s elimination pathways are going well and they are able to eliminate this mercury through the bowel, skin and lungs, well and good! But unfortunately, with a GAPSter, this is not often the case and symptoms of mercury poisoning can occur just from eating garlic. In that case we need to back off on the garlic a little and employ every means possible to help detoxification: morning juices containing spirulina, celery, cucumber, coriander ( cilantro)  and apple; healing and sealing the gut wall with meat and stock, building up beneficial gut bacteria with increasing doses of yogurt, dairy kefir and kimchee juice; and thrice weekly enemas, weekly saunas and  daily baths rotating Epsom salts, bi carb and Dead Sea salts. Of course, ocean swimming is wonderful, and foot baths can be used whenever sitting still.

All of us need delicious  garlic and onions daily. But you can employ garlic in therapeutic doses on a monthly basis as a parasite cleanse….. best to do this around the time of the full moon when worms are most active.    

Organic garlic truly is a most powerful healing food and medicine.

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