Eco Fest 2020

EcoFest 2020: A Day in the Park for Conservation! Unfortunately this event was cancelled due to Corona virus.

Sun 22 Mar – 10 till 3 pm

Location: Hyde Park, Vincent St & William St, Perth. WA 6000

Bee will be chatting at  CCWA EcoFest this year at 11 till 11.30 am in the speakers tent.

In a talk  entitled Symphony of the Soil, hear how to make QUALITY compost though worm farms and thermo compost heaps.

• For  waterwise garden
…Did you know fungi (which is bred up in properly made compost) delivers water and nutrients to plants?

For well fed plants  ….Did you know bacteria and fungi are like  slow release fertilizer, but better ? Predators like amoebas eat them and release the minerals they contained right in the root zone in plant available form, every day and  forever, (unless you harm it all with factory made fertilizer, “even slow release”  ones!)

For growing nutritious organic food at home, with all the trace elements ( thanks to fungi) and none of the heavy metals and chemicals found in typical produce. Your yard’s native soil is your rock dust, so you need buy nothing, but the knowledge of soil health principles.

For Pest control ….did you know a certain fungi (metarhyzium) is a paristoid for 200 insects?

green waste recycling in the home and garden….kill weed seeds and sanitize your food and garden refuse with the heat of a well made thermo heap, or with composting worms

•Grow beautiful flowers for pure joy, pollination and food for soil life. An organic garden grows strong, healthy and resilient kids too.

At our stall we will have compost for sale and seedlings of herbs, flowers and more GROWN in quality compost. Take some inoculum home and a plant to boot! Purchase a worm farm from us too!

 This is a free family friendly event organised by Conservation Council of WA, where you can experience the benefits of sustainable living, get involved in your local community and find out more about our unique environment.


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