Multi Species pasture establishment and/or cover crop service

In late 2018 we purchased a small seeder which makes several 1 inch wide furrows in a paddock, deposits seed or seed mix in the furrow, covers and rolls in one pass. We then added a compost extract injection system to apply good biology to the soil around the seed. The beauty of the seeder is it minimizes disturbance to the soil, leaves the original plants between the furrows alive to shade and feed the soil whilst allowing new seeds to germinate. We wet hire this set up and provide the all important bio complete compost extract and even the best seed mix ( including perennials) for your situation. Diversity above and below ground equals fertility, let us help you establish the biology you need to prosper.Stewart seeding machine


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  1. Dave Daniels says:

    Hey Bee
    Might share with our permie group how much is it to wet hire the set up cheers Dave

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    1. Bee Winfield says:

      Oh sorry I didnt see this earlier Dave. We are $80 an hour ad will go within a 100 km radius of Nannup


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