Beef and Lamb

Buying Bee-utiful Beef in Bulk

When you buy in bulk you save $ lots, and get the health benefits of “nose to tail” eating. We encourage customers to install photovoltaic solar panels and to run a chest freezer so your next great meal is only a few steps away. The cost of organic meat can replace your budget for medical expenses, donations to the environment and supermarket meat, all in one. When they ring for a donation you can say proudly ”I already give, I buy organic food”. 

Your brain needs meat. Check out this talk by psychologist Dr Georgia Ede here

On our permaculture farm with 90 different fruit and nut species , veges, eggs , dairy from Jerseys, fungi, pork, beef and lamb, the most sustainable food we produce is the grassfed beef and lamb. Our cattle and sheep do not eat anything but grass. They are not to blame for  deforestation  of the Amazon or  logging of any other forests . They fertilize their own paddocks, additionally we make compost and compost tea…. buy no fertilizer. Nor has ploughing , herbicide , fungicide or any other icide been used to the produce our beef and lamb. The cows belch very little methane as they are rotationally grazed on good quality pasture, plus the healthy living soil contains methantrophic bacteria which converts CH4 to harmless plant food. Perennial pasture sequesters more carbon than forests according to Dr Christine Jones. 
27023554_1994849067435959_5942251832414516619_o It takes much, much more water to grow our kale than to grow the beef. Electricity for coolroom and lighting comes from solar panels. Great numbers of celebrities and scientists are spreading misinformation about meat, the very thing that sequesters the most carbon into the soil via perennial pasture….reminds me of the expensive, relentless campaigns in mass media for acceptance of GMOs! Hordes of people on a  plant based diet  is just what Monsanto/Bayer Crop Science want. Think of the chemical sales to horticulture and croppers growing  veges, pulses , sugar, oils and grains. Conventionally these crops use huge amounts of fertilizer , pesticides,  farm machinery etc to grow. Then Bayer Health profits from sales of dietary supplements REQUIRED by vegans, plus the medications they take to manage symptoms of chronic metabolic disease their diet often generates … antidepressant sales for anxiety and depression, IVF programs, acne creams, cancer treatment. So many diseases relate to vitamin deficiencies on a vegan diet. Factor in fossil fuel to package and transport soy milk and coconut products worldwide.
Let’s replace the phrase “plant based diet ” which is popping up everywhere as somehow indicating something virtuous with the words ” local organic diet”, which really is virtuous . For a good 20 minute explanation of why we need grazing animals ,  check out Allan Savory’s  20 minute Ted X talk “how to heal the world’s deserts and reverse climate change”   here   You could also check out the hundreds, if not thousands, of anecdotal reports from people trying the all meat diet. They seem to be recovering from every ailment.
So, down to business, we sell fully grown milk and grass fed Jersey cross Angus yearlings.
The cost equals  equals  price per  kilo of meat you receive.  Please contact us for current pricing. With the beef quarters, rather than selling specific cuts, each customer will get an equal quarter share of the whole body when purchasing a quarter of beef. Depending on the season, the weight of the animal and how the butcher cuts it up, a quarter may weigh anywhere from 18  to 35 kg.  The average quarter looks like this:
Cut Number of Packs
Chuck Steak 3-4
Gravy Beef or Osso Bucco 3-5
Mince 7-12
Schnitzel or Silverside Roast 2-3
Blade Steak 2
Oyster Blade 2-3
Topside Roast 3-4
Diced Steak (made from Round Steak) 2-3
T-Bone Steak 3
Rump Steak 2-4
Porterhouse Steak (Sirloin) 2
Scotch Fillet 2-3
THE Fillet 1
Total approx. 40-50

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