Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt ….Glyphosate is even worse than we thought

Dr Dietrich  Klinghardt  has  treated 50,000 patients in Germany and the United States. He is a trail blazer in the health word and Jeffery Smith introduced him as a “Demi -God” because at many health conferences the queues go out the door as people line up to hear the latest amazing therapies constantly being  unearthed by Dr Klinghardt .

 Dr K began by stating Chronic illness has hugely increasedin the last 20 years. The leading cause of death now is no longer heart disease or cancer but neurological disease. The health span , or the number of years we have as a healthy individual before we succumb to chronic disease has shrunk to 60 years and is shrinking by another 2 years per annum. So by next year the “health span “ of a typical human will be 58 years. This rapid decline is due to the toxicity in the food chain , and electro magnet radiation, or EMR, the  “electro smog” emitted by  wifi, cordless and mobile phones and the like devices. These 2 are like a perfect storm.

The focus has been very much on glyphosate for those studying the demise of our health, and Dr Stephanie Seneff was mentioned as a genius who has been able to explain some of how glyphosate damages the human body. Stephanie has always been concerned about the  autism epidemic, as her friend’s child is autistic, and until she attended a lecture by Proff Don Huber ( an eminent plant pathologist)  she did not know autism was  strongly linked to glyphosate use. Certainly the correlation between rates of autism and use of glyphosate is extremely close. Professor Don Huber  alerted Dr Seneff to some of the consequences of Glyphosate, the active ingredient in  many herbicides . Developed by Monsanto, it has been off patent for 20 years now so is  being made by many companies world wide. Is not just a herbicide but a crop treatment commonly used now. As with so many speakers at this conference Dr K’s first advice was that everybody should eat as organic as possible to minimize exposure. Keep your devices on airplane mode too, as much as poss.

Now what follows may seem over the top to a healthy young person, and you can stop here, as long as you promise to go organic and GMO free. But to the many afflicted with a chronic disease I am sure the following information is vital, so please read on. Dr K had some fascinating facts to share so please keep reading if you are tempted to think a bit of processed food isn’t going to kill you. How wrong. Dr Terry Wahls has figured we need to eat 3 heaped platefuls of organic chopped greens a day  to stay healthy, as well as organ meats ! That’s a wake up call for everyone, no?  Her Ted talk is even more relevant today than it was when I first posted about it on this blog years ago. See her talk here

The main damage Glyphosate does is to our microbiome. Round up is dozens of times more potent than glyphosate due to the adjuvants in it’s formulation.  Less than 2% of a person is human, the other 98% of us is bacterial DNA. The 2% of us which is human cells may not be affected as said the Monsanto scientists, as indeed we don’t have the shikimate enzyme pathway. Microbes however, are very sensitive to the chemical. Same goes for wifi, it is the microbes that are most harmed during exposure to EMR. We have evolved to have special microbes in and on all our surfaces: sinuses, skin, ears, eyes, genitals, in our gut, and  in our brain. Apparently our great intelligence is due to microbes in the brain and as the glyphosate kills those bacteria our intelligence is diminished ( more anon). By destroying the microbes that co evolved with us, quite simply our health is ravaged.

Brain and thyroid are 2 places targeted by Round Up.  Treatment however, should be aimed first at de-toxing or unburdening the gut microbes.   By consuming extracts of peat moss (fermented plant material millions of years old) we find that the  humic and fulvic acids in the peat moss  extract  the glyphosate out of the gut bacteria, liberating them. There are only animal studies so far showing this but I for one am interested.

Glyphosate combines strongly to Aluminum and Fluoride ( oh great) to lodge in the pineal gland and thyroid, with devastating effects. We use sauna therapy as a tool to remove the toxic molecules from these sites.

Also chlorella, a marvelous algae, is excellent at binding mobilized toxins. Chlorella has been  shown to detoxify mecury, lead, cadmium and pesticide residues. Similarly, brown seaweed called Laminaria Japonica (Holu Kombu) has these properties and has been fashioned into a product called Modifilan. It contains

  • Fucoxanthin (brown carotenoid pigment) that may promote abdominal weight loss and healthy blood sugar.
  • Alginate, which has the unique ability of binding heavy metals and radioactive elements to its molecules and secreting them from the body.
  • Fucoidan a polysaccharide found only in seaweed, may help to stimulate the immune system. Promoting apoptosis, Fucoidan can help to eliminate naturally harmful cells from organism.
  • A warning about mobilizing terrible toxins: reactions in some people can be hard core:

In a forum I found the following from Dr Klinghardt on chlorella

“Side effects: most side effects reflect the toxic effect of the mobilized metals
which are shuttled through the organism. This problem is instantly avoided by
significantly increasing the chlorella dosage, not by reducing it, which would
worsen the problem (small chlorella doses mobilize more metals then are bound
in the gut, large chlorella doses bind more toxins then are mobilized).

Some people have problems digesting the cell membrane of chlorella. The enzyme
cellulase resolves this problem. Cellulase is available in many health food stores
in digestive enzyme products.

Taking chlorella together with food also helps in
some cases, even though it is less effective that way. C.vulgaris has a thinner
cell wall and is better tolerated by people with digestive problems. Some
manufactures have created cell wall free chlorella extracts (NDF, PCA) which
are very expensive, less effective – but easily absorbed.”

Good luck! The other thing I use that is similiar to chlorella to detox is modifilin. Its a bit more gentle”.

So , if chlorella treatment gives you pain, try the seaweed Moifilin, or another binder such as Lava Vitae (high silica Zeolite) This can be given  in addition to chlorella (or instead, if chlorella is not yet tolerated): start ¼ teaspoon twice daily between meals, slowly increase to 4 times/day away from all food or vitamins. Available from KiScience.com. With zeolite Dr K says some are some brands are toxic, but some a great and the KiScience brand is approved by himself. Gosh, coming back from poisoning is never easy is it.

For further information on de toxing and chlorella visit https://klinghardtinstitute.com/protocols/klinghardt-detox-support-protocol/.

The procedure to remove glyphosate is to load people with chlorella ( for dosage see link above. If unavailable the maximum is 40x 200mcg  tablets ) 5 minutes after taking coriander. This should be about  1 and a half hours before getting home for the day, then get them to exercise until they sweat, then stick them in a sauna for five or 10 minutes. In the first 5 minutes in a sauna 90% of the fat and water soluble glyphosate and other toxins will come out through the sweat.  They should then have a cool shower (15 degrees C, ARRRHH! ) to close the skin  pores, whilst lathering  with a safe soap to remove the toxin from their skin before the glyphosate  re-absorbs, which it wants to do.

 The other component to this de tox is oil pulling, where you take a tablespoon of organic olive or coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for 5 minutes. This is part of Ayurvedic medicine and old Russian protocols. Apparently when fat soluble toxins are mobilized they are more difficult to get out than water soluble ones. The whole of our blood supply circulates through our gums several times every 15 minutes. So vigorous chewing and swishing of the oil around the gums creates an ion exchange membrane, where the fat-soluble toxins can leave from the blood and enter the oil in your mouth. So of course, you must spit out the pesticide laden oil after 5 minutes of this active swishing. Dr Klinghardt recommends one does the oil swishing while in the sauna to save time.

Another method of de toxing from Glyphosate Dr K describes as exciting due to its efficacy, it is by using ingesting a homeopathic dose of glyphosate. You can use homeopathic copper to drive excess copper out of the body, a homeopathic dose of aluminum moves out aluminum…  but how do you get a homeopathic dose of Glyphosate? Russian and German colleagues know that nearly everyone has glyphosate in their urine, especially after exercising. So the therapy consist of weeing into a bottle, washing out the bottle with water a few times, then filling the bottle again and drinking it. Several studies have shown this efficacy of urine therapy. It was practiced in Russia years ago. Napolean went to war in Russia, and lost most ( 90%) of his soldiers to Bartonella, but in the hand to hand combat with the Russians, the Russians lost only 5% of their men to this infection. They were resistant because their General Korsakoff was a homeopath who directed them to do urine therapy to drive out the toxin from their body. There is virtually no urine left and there is no taste in the water, but this is apparently a powerful remedy. Not exactly charming, but cheap and easy to do!

I will add here what has been said on this blog before, that juicing before breakfast and 3 times weekly Epsom salts baths or foot baths are safe and gentle  chelating procedures recommended for children by the great Dr Natasha Cambell McBride. Slow and steady wins the race.

The force that blocks our de-tox enzymes the most is exposure to wi- fi in the home. Go back to a landline phone. Use an ethernet cable,  and/or reduce the time your router is on to the bare minimum. Certainly turn it off at night, as after all it is like having a mobile phone tower in your home. Shield your house from the neighbour’s beams. Dr K says “It is absolutely stunning how people recover” when EMR is removed. The ideal treatment for any illness is a combination of bio -physics and biology. Russians are more into healing with magnetic fields, infra red light, sound waves etc. They do not expect to take pills to get better, interestingly Americans are the opposite.

Autistic kids often have no glyphosate in their urine. This is because their body has no capacity to excrete the toxin. As we go through the arduous treatments outlined above we see a little glyphosate appearing in urine and hair samples as the gut microbes responsible for elimination are built up.  A trickle becomes a flow, “you know you are doing the right thing, and the child gets better” says Dr K.

The liver health is closely interwoven with gut microbes health. We can point to the fact that if we give someone with liver failure a fecal transplant, they get better. What we see commonly is the bacteria needed for liver health have been killed by the glyphosate. It is the sick or absent bacteria that are the reason fatty liver syndrome develops. Significant affects occur on the liver, on the pancreas, the gut and ultimately the brain due to microbe decimation. There is meant to be a “cross talk” between the micro  RNA  and the immune system. The communication isn’t happening because the microbiome is damaged by glyphosate, so we get devastating immune system dysfunction , eg: we loose immune tolerance, we get allergic to everything, symptomatic to Epstein Barr, to Lyme’s,  retro viral activation…..all hell breaks loose when we loose the microbiome, the most precious thing we have, the 98% of us which is not us.

The way our DNA is transcribed is regulated by the epigenome, and the major part of the epigenome is the micro RNA, which is created by the bugs.  98% of the micro RNA that programs our DNA (ie which turns on and off our genes) is  from bugs in us.

   We are not separate from the food that we eat, because our microbiome changes according to what we eat. The RNA from plants also programms our DNA.   So many of us turn to natural therapies in later life, most often because we are diagnosed with something serious.…what a pity we didn’t always live with health in mind and pass on the best version of our DNA and genetic make up to our decendents.

So it is very good to go foraging daily in an organic garden or permaculture from childhood on.

The plant leaves in an organic garden or farm focused on soil health are covered in beneficial bacteria which also play a powerfully protective role in us, just as they do on the leaf.  This  is where we get back to the concept of the peat moss mentioned in the beginning….. and the concept of ancient soils and the sets of microbes they contain which have long disappeared from the farming landscape. At least 2 other speakers at the conference were selling a product extracted from ancient soil. Before spending the big freight $ to obtain a bottle of ‘’Just Thrive” or “Restore” I might  look at coal from Collie under the microscope! I know Collie was a special place to the Aboriginal people and one of the very few people on Earth who can tell you what Collie was like before it was a coal field spoke to me at a protest rally we attended in Muja 14 years ago. This elder had grown up fishing in the Collie River which teamed with sea food at the time. OMG imagine her sadness. Even fishing in the ocean near the mouth of the Collie River miles away in Bunbury today is banned as seafood there is contaminated with chemicals.

   If fulvic and humic acids do for us what they do for the plant kingdom I am thrilled, because Ive seen firsthand what these gigantic carbon molecules can do. Check out our corn experiment which trailed a spoonful of my friend Haydn Gunningham’s magical compost. As a modern day composter I hope I have introduced some of the best ancient microbes the planet can offer (from the remnants of the old growth West Australian Eucalypt forest) to our compost so that they may turn todays organic matter into humus. Humus is a rich butter-like colloidal soil compound full of humic and fulvic acids which are known to decompose recalcitrant pesticide residues such as heptachlor, dieldrin and DDT, among other highly beneficial effects in soil. That eating humus could have the same beneficial  effect in us is astounding. The word “Humans” means of and for the Earth. May we humans return to serving the Earth in great numbers ASAP. One thing anyone reading this could do is contact the McGowan government and get them to halt the destruction of these ancient forests today. I could write to them daily. Not only is our Jarrah forests being decimated to provide the fuel for a Japanese silicon smelter, the prescribed burning and burning of the aftermath of logging is contributing enormously to climate change. Air quality directly affects soil microbes and compost quality too.  Less than 17% of the trees cut down end up as sawn timber. This outrage must stop. See WA Forest Alliance for further information. waforestalliance.org    But I have digressed from the interview ….

We are not separate from the food that we eat. The healing properties of many herbs are actually due to the sets of microbes on their leaves. Dr K’s brother is a psychiatrist, and he shared the results of several studies on the effect on depression  of St John’s Wort compared to Prozac. Half of the studies showed the St John’s Wort had the dramatic healing effects on depression  the herb is known for. The other half showed no effect at all. It turned out the that in the studies where  the fresh leaves were consumed, the healing was vastly superior to  Prozac. Studies where tinctures (where the leaves are soaked in alcohol)  were used had no effect at all. I will just insert a warning here that St Johns Wort is similar to SSRI anti depressants in that there is a small number (5%) of patients with over methylation issues causing their depression, who react very badly to both. See my relevant blog post for further information by searching in the top left search bar.

So the healing properties of dandelion are because of the bacteria on the leaves rather than the nutrients found in the leaves. This is an emerging science which brings to light that everyone should have a herb garden. These bacteria are talking to our gut bacteria. A couple of papers are out now on this topic, one looked at Echinacea and found superior healing effects occurred after ingestion of fresh leaves. When we eat salads, we get very little nutrient from it. We cannot absorb much of the nutrient in the raw food because the fiber is indigestible to us, and there is little nutrient to start with ( compared to animal products for instance).  So we absorb less than 5% of the nutrients in salads BUT!!! the leaves you consume are covered in healthy bacteria, locked on in a biofilm which isn’t easy to wash off. This is dependent of course on how it is grown [conventional  produce may not have any bugs, or worse, be populated with bad e coli, salmonella etc, opportunists which thrive in the absence of competition. This is why people are increasingly getting food poisoning from factory farmed foods. BW] A lot of people who have clearly been exposed to that ubiquitous herbicide are populated by Clostridium Difficile ( C Diff) golden staph and so fourth and the good bugs in them have gone. Glyphosate selects out the good bugs to kill! Anti bacterial soaps being forced on many kindy kids as Education Dept policy apparently act in the same way, targeting the beneficials and leaving the pathogens alone. Perhaps this is why they are known endocrine disrupters?

Neurological disease such as Alzheimers, cancers below the diaphragm, as well as thyroid cancer are all linked to glyphosate use.  “Cancer Alley” is an area along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, in the River Parishes of Louisiana, which contains numerous industrial plants. Locations in this area with clusters of cancer patients have been covered by the news media, leading to the “Cancer Alley” moniker. Wherever GMO round up ready crops or big areas of wheat, legumes, sugar and potatoes are grown we find high levels of disease because  these are sprayed to dessicate the crops as a pre harvest treatment . In terms of infant mortality the highest number of babies who die on the first day of life per pregnancy  is in the United States, the country  with  the highest rate of exposure to the herbicide (and wi f?) Death from dementia in women has increased 660 % in the last 20 years. Serious data points, and Dr K says electro smog and glyphosate are entirely linked to Parkinsons in men and Alzheimers in women. According to a court ruling we cannot Round Up  caused this but have to say that “correlation does not equal causation”. However causation is scientifically near impossible to prove.  As a clinician, Dietrich says “Let’s use common sense”.  He sees daily in his practice that when glyphosate has been moved out, a cancer goes away or an autistic child starts talking for the first time….he knows this is not just correlation. He has experienced that  the sickest people show no glyphosate in their urine until de tox practices are implemented.

The only reason we are in this mess is that the medical and science and agronomy associations, the regulatory bodies,  the media, the scientific journals,  etc have all been invaded by the chemical industry. “How long did it take for tobacco to be accepted as carcinogenic?” he asks.  A tiny amount of Glyphosate lodged in the pineal gland will give you insomnia for the rest of your life and insomnia leads to cancers and many other diseases, when will there be a public outcry against this substance so cheerfully dispensed ?

The sad thing about glyphosate is it was first patented as a chelator and an antibiotic, and it aims to decimate the life in the soil, and the vitality of the food. Spinachused to be a good source of iron as Pop Eye the sailor man knew, but conventional spinach now has NO iron content at all!

Dr Klinghardt  has so much knowledge and integrates it to bring us amazing understandings. He spoke about a 600 page report commissioned by the German government. Fritz Albert Pop is a leading physicist who had already published papers about how you could measure the vitality of food by it’s light emissions . He was commissioned to study the difference in terms of light emissions between GM and organic food.  GM had a dramatically less light, and the light  was also distorted. Fritz  handed over his report to a  government official who read it then reported to her superior. She was let go of that day, the study was shelved and has never been made public.

A study was done on bio photons coming from many species of animal’s brains. Rats are a smart creature but their brains give off one single bio photon per minute that can be measured outside  the brain. In the human brain, one single neuron gives off several million bio photons per second! Bio photons are intended to communicate….with what or who ?

 Who knows as yet. But what we do know is that without the bacteria that are meant to live in our brain, these bio photon emissions cease, and our intelligence fails to develop. That microbes are responsible for what makes us so special on this planet  is mind blowing to me.

“Human endogenous retro viruses” is the direction Dr Klinghardt’s work is going. Awakening dormant retro viruses which have been kept dormant in us for hundreds of thousands of years by the beneficial gut bacteria we co- evolved with,  but are now wiped out……hmmm ….what a scary concept. Perhaps the subject of a future blog? Jeffery Smith used the analogy of a world war where the Jedhi’s ( good bacteria ) are losing. All of their knowledge and intelligence and good will is being dismantled in people  consuming glyphosate. This could be a really depressing conversation if we did not have the de tox protocol as outlined above.

Dr K has been involved in experiments where a certain pest is decimating a crop field, and a single individual of the species responsible, say a beetle,  is killed and placed in a laser beam. The beam  is then waved over the field. Within 24 hours this “death signal” has effectively removed all beetles from the crop. Wow! There are much more intelligent ways to deal with bugs than chemicals. The laser treatment works for pathogenic bacteria and fungi as well. Farm chemicals are completely out- dated states Dr Klinghardt.  His friend, a German soil professor, has developed an Old Mayan method of lacto fermentation of manure which turns it into the richest soil within 3 weeks. So many better ways!   The future of crop protection and fertilization is in physics and biology , not chemistry. Sadly scientists developing these new and better techniques are scared for their life about speaking up,  as is Dr K. Many of his colleagues have been found at the bottom of a river with bullet holes in the chest.

The anticipation is with Round up and other microbial poison strategies out there , the devolution in the human race many of us have observed , ( eg. numbers of autistic kids double every 5 years ) will continue. Life expectancy has peaked and  is now going down. We are allowing things to be messed up before we even understand them.

The whole agricultural industry has completely gone wrong. Biodynamic and organic farming is all about fostering the healthy microbes in the soil, on the plant and in our gut. Said Dr Klinghardt, lets look not at how Glyphosate damages the liver or the thyroid or the brain, lets look at what it does to the microbes, because this is a far deeper damage. Once these microbes are extinct from our body they are very hard to get back. This is why Dr Natasha recommends that chronically ill people consume daily probiotics for the rest of their life. Dietrich Klinghardt said “Glyphosate is pretty much responsible for every modern illness.“  His final  recommendation is that we disconnect from wi fi and re- connect with Nature.  We all need to spend as much time in natural unspoilt places on our Earth. Find them, commune with the microbes there, and be in  your happy place. With that I will turn off my informative Wi Fi and go to my happy place in the compost rich soil, and grow you all some more greens for juicing.



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  1. Unknown says:

    Thanks for your hard work in sharing your research – it's valuable and fascinating! Just a couple of questions: 1) 4th paragraph – Did you mean “organ meats” or “organically-grown meats”? If you meant organ meats, from my research it seems that it’s even more important that the animals must be organically raised because organs are where the chemicals are stored. 2) The phrase “His friend, a German soil professor,” does not fit into its surrounding paragraph. Where should it be? Perhaps in front of “has developed an Old Mayan method of lacto fermentation of manure”?


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