Healing from GMOS and Round Up

I just purchased the recordings of Jeffery Smith’s Healing from GMOs and Round Up.

The 20 presenters and Jeffery as always, were excellent! So leading edge!  As the time for purchasing the series has elapsed, thought I would record the highlights , so please read
on and  share these facts widely.

Larry Bohlen  is a rocket scientist, a NASA engineer working on the Hubble telescope back in the day, at the Earth Science Centre which focused on the Earth. Larry was partly responsible for the first and for a long time THE ONLY photograph of the Earth from space. Looking at our small world from far far away, and seeing the first images of such human caused damage to the biosphere as the hole in the ozone layer, smog over cities
and ( Im guessing ) pollution of oceans  from space, Larry was deeply moved. The growing realization that we are  fouling our one and only nest sparked Larry to ask what could be done to stop the global effects of agribusiness on nature and human
beings. He left NASA and co -founded the non profit Health Research Institute ( HRI ) and associated laboratories.

HRI have established that Round Up is everywhere in the United States, the first country to grow GM crops. It is in the soil, in the air, in ground and surface water, in the food and in rain. Alarmingly,  60 to 100 % of rain samples contained Round Up.
This means to save and use water in tanks near farming areas is hazardous, and I will warrant the situation is similar here in OZ. Don’t drink rain water if you live under a flight path , in a farming area, or in a  suburb full of ignorant gardeners!

It is not  surprising to find that most people have Round Up in their body. The company  is currently  measuring the amount of glyphosate in people, their pets, on

In a sample of 1000 health conscience- tending individual urine donors, 86% of the people had detectable glyphosate and its main metabolite ( AMPA for short)  in their wee. Researchers say AMPA is more potent than the original glyphosate molecule. The average level was half a part per billion. The range went from “ not detected” to a the highest result of  33 parts per billion. The chap who took the prize for the highest level was a heavy consumer of mung beans. Poor guy, trying to eat right!  But he and I  didn’t know that legumes can be extremely high in round up these days. I did know they would be irradiated if from over seas, and most are. He came back to Larry for another test after removing mung beans from his diet for a month, and his glyphosate levels had dropped by 95%.

Organic diet

Only 14% of the thousand U.S.  individuals tested in this citizen science experiment did not have glyphosate in their urine, and these people identified as being committed to eating organic food exclusively.  The lowest “level- of- organic” eaters had the highest levels of glyphosate and its highly toxic breakdown product, so a direct correlation was found between industrial foods consumed and levels of glyphosate. We will get into the significant health ramifications later in this series, but touch in them below.

High alert foods.

The food that had the biggest affect on people was oats. OATS had 1254 parts per billion glyphosate. Like the pulses (which for us in Australia come mainly from Canada, so they are also irradiated before entering our country) cereals such as  Oats, barley, wheat and rye crops are dried down or dessicated  with Round Up so they don’t mould and are easier to harvest.  So we find high levels in cereal crops. Proff Don Huber highlights that glyphosate concentrates in the growth points of plants, so the grains have concentrated levels. No one is yet sure why oats manage to accumulate so much, when exposed to the spray which is applied just days before harvest. Farmers are told that using the herbicide as  dessicant also prepares the land for the next crop (by eradicating weeds).

And many farmers still believe the sales pitch that it is harmless.  (To wit, see the latest review sitting on our Merri Bee Organic Farmacy face book page by a young man from a local winery  His is our only bad review and you can read his comment for yourself. Hint: a nice review or 3 would make it leave the top position and “disappear” ! And this ignorance should be disappeared !! ) Similarly indoctrinated young farmers, taught agronomy at Monsanto- funded universities, are who we have outsourced food growing to.

Apart from cereals they are using round up on kiwi fruit, sweet potatoes, irish potatoes and sugar…. just before harvest. So wheat and black strap molasses are on the list of “high alert” foods. This is tragic as oats are a calminative food, which also gave energy to people and animals. Similarly, pulses and wheat were original super foods. Bread was the staff of life because it made the whole grain wheat digestible by a fermentation process ( sourdough ) which pre digested the anti nutrient “phytates” in whole wheat but released the huge list of nutrients
found in wheat.  Wheatgerm is comparable to liver for the array of minerals and B vitamins it contains.

Whole grains are no longer a health- building, healing food, unless (of course) organically grown.

If you doubt that this Round Up dessication   process is  going on in Australia, Dayle Lloyd of Dumbleyung assures me his neighbours are using it. Dayle emailed me a copy of the permit. See the 2 permits below and note that anyone, anywhere and any time can obtain a permit …..and wave at you if you question them .


Another superfood that if produced near farmlands is possibly health damaging!  Bees love canola flowers , and the bees end up having learning disabilities (from ingesting “Round Up Ready” TM canola flower nectar ?) and cannot navigate back to the hive. The bees also need lactobacillus (as we all do) in their gut, but glyphosate knocks out these most essential beneficial bacteria FIRST, leaving the normally small populations of pathogenic /opportunistic gut bacteria alone to proliferate. Therefore bees can be surrounded by food but starving to death as they can no longer digest food. Think of the rise in Chrones disease in our young people in recent years.

In Canada, a leading cultivator of GM crops, sales of honey have plummeted by 50% amid concern that the integrity of the product has been compromised.


“……A three-year study by Professor Hans-Heinrich Kaatz at the University of Jena found that  the gene used to modify oil-seed rape [canola] had transferred to bacteria living inside honey bees. 

The findings undermine claims by the biotech industry and supporters of GM foods that genes cannot spread. …..The honey bee population in the US has collapsed, putting in jeopardy $14 billion worth of  horticultural and pasture crops (lucerne and rye). The flowers of apples, soft fruits, kiwis, almonds  and many more, won’t set fruit without bees as pollinators. If there is no pollinator there is no fruit. ….…

Pollination/fruiting is lowest near GM crops, whilst organic fields, where GM is banned, are  unaffected.”

Australian bee breeders have enjoyed selling pollination bees to American almond orchardists for good money in recent  years. Sadly our bees die 2 weeks after arrival , shortly after achieving the pollination.  Due to the toxic  environment created by American orchardists there is an ongoing business for Oz bee keepers, for now.

Organic honey in Larry’s tests of some 50 plus foods turned out to have 95% less glyphosate then honey produced  near GM crops.

The  honey from our native forests is  gold, proven to be equal to Manuka honey in its medical applications.

Right now we have to stop the damage to this honey industry by none other than the WA  government who on one hand are promoting our native honeys whilst thwarting the industry on the other hand by continuing  clear felling of Karri forests and harvesting of Jarrah at an accelerated rate. They are also hell bent on continuing the burning program started by Terry Redman , former leader of the government. Controlled burns are these days way out of control and burning the entire individual tree right up into the canopy. I have never witnessed this before after 40 years of living in the south west forest region and will be waiting in trepidation to see if the massive trees so
thoroughly scorched this year, will regenerate.


From research into  fatty liver disease, where rats were fed a diet containing only point one of a part per billion glyphosate, we know that the majority of people in Larry’s study had levels  that exceeded the amount in the rats in whom non alcoholic  fatty liver disease emerged.

Endocrine disruption.  The dose maketh the poison?

Endocrine disrupters such as Glyphosate are actually more  dangerous at extremely low levels than at high doses.

This is because the body doesn’t recognize these very tiny amounts as foreign , mistaking them for  its own hormones, and does not mount a defense response. In certain toxins the higher the dose, the higher the toxic affect. But in tiny doses ( say parts per trillion)  some toxins do more damage to us.

Beware the  U shaped curve of the endocrine disruption effect baby.

And so much for Monsanto’s  false claims that Round is biodegradable! It lasts 22 years in some soils.

For maintaining such falsehoods and choosing to defend these in court they were found guilty in Frances Supreme Court. ….but only fined $28,000 Euros. See the opening scenes of the documentary “The World According to Monsanto” .


15 dogs and one cat ‘s wee were tested and found to have very high levels. 50 times the average of human beings !!!
Why? Dogs drink from puddles, they roll and play in the grass.  Dermal exposure  and penetration through the paws is suspected, among other factors in their food. Incidentally levels reached through this skin absorption route was way higher than expected by  Monsanto scientists who studied skin exposure of Round Up.

There was a study of farmers, ones that wore gloves had 10 times less glyphosate within them that those who did not.  Dogs are also eating kibble high in Round Up residues. Horse feed is also chock full of GMOS . Could there be American sugar beet pulp , legumes , corn, soy, cottonseed oil  and Western Australian canola meal  in your pet’s
food? Definitely we know the Mt Barker so called free range chickens refuses to deny in writing that their chickens are eating WA canola meal, the residue after the oil is expelled in a certain Pinjarra factory.  The canola is likely to be GM, and therefore dangerous. Leg injuries in horses were correlated with those eating these GM feeds or those drenched in Round Up before harvest : soy, corn, cotton, canola, sugar beets and alfalfa. All of these are GMOS in the U.S.  Race horse owners invest millions in their horses and a champion could break a leg on these poor diets. “Science Life” was a dog food ( maybe still for sale)  which was super expensive and promoted by vets trained at Monsanto funded universities. It harmed dogs.

FERTILITY…..glyphosate binds manganese to its molecule and creates manganese deficient food. Mn deficiency is linked to poor reproductive health. Non gmo feed for both livestock and humans  leads to higher conception rates
(and in animals)  larger litter size.

Another salient point from Larry and Jeffery:  90 out if 92 couples on an infertility program were put on organic diet. All conceived ! The 2 percent that did not conceive did not follow the protocol!


Can you avoid  Round Up?  Yes, as Larry has shown, the primary exposure is from food.  By keeping to an organic diet, you can stay free of this devastating chemical. After 2 weeks on an organic diet over 90% of the chemical has left your body. That still leaves 10 per cent , and in subsequent posts I will report on the findings which show
that the gut microbes responsible for REMOVAL of toxins from the body are wiped out by Round UP as well, a little confounding factor for you.  I have not mentioned that rates of Parkinsons disease in young males has skyrocketed in recent years and that Alzheimers in women has increased over 600% in the last 20 years, and that neuro-degeneration has recently become a bigger killer than cancer. Main suspect…..Round Up.

I can not cover everything in one post but urge you now to minimize the damage to your DNA and major organs by going organic now. And don’t fall off the wagon  with a lentil salad or conventional oat muslie bar!  Be wise like an  OWL ….watch out for conventional Oats, Wheat, Legumes .

Before people howl that they can not afford organics, can I ask you to  get real. In this world the Americans, Poms, Canadians and Aussies are eating the most industrial food and expect to spend a smallest proportion of their income on food. In most populations of the world , people expect most of their income to go on food.
To live or not to live  in the grooviest locations with most exhorbitant rent is one choice we have, and if I could afford organic food I wouldn’t be making it.

For 20 years  Donna Farmer studied Round Up as a  Monsanto toxicologist . She lied on TV, saying that  “as a mother and a scientist, I can tell you it is safe”. Privately ( as released in documents later subpoenaed by attorneys ) it was found that:  she had  gone through  an article eliminating a link to miscarriages, wrote in internal memos “we cannot be sure it doesn’t cause  cancer”; obviously  knew that there had been
dose- related deaths of lab animals in trials; and was cognizant that  tumor formation was likely to be linked to Round Up. These are the people that have all the media space! These are the people that trash the reputations of independent scientists who show inconvenient truths about Round Up. Are you going to support this mob with
your food dollars, or support those farming sustainably? Are we going to support and promote  those working hard to care for people and environment?  Your support could ensure that  they are still here doing what they do when fuel and super market shelves dry up.

Bill Mollison decades ago implored us to withdraw our support from agribusiness corporations, declaring agriculture to be the most destructive force on Earth. Join me as a neo peasant in the op shop and in the fields on a quest to weaken the 5 corps controlling food and health.  We will no longer outsource  our food growing to them!
Surely together we can create communities that support organic farmers, who
in turn nourish us with nutrient dense, real food. After 35 years of food forest development I can say Permaculture
works . To us health is simply our most valuable asset and can’t be left up to Big Ag and Big Pharma..

We in this country are so lucky to have the space to grow our own food, but for those without land, could  you rent a part of someone’s big back yard  by paying them some weekly veges? Wonderful activist people have created community gardens you can join, or get  into container gardening.

Please subscribe to our email list by emailing merribeefarmacy@gmail.com to receive notice of the next report where we learn from a leading functional medicine doctor who is having amazing success de- toxing his patients from Round Up.

And later Sayer Ji talks about RNA silencing ….O M G!

Some days I feel hopeful that a better world is coming. Cheers, Bee

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