Sweet potato movie


This new garden has not only survived a hot summer in exposed position with extended drought in Western Australia, but thrived way beyond expectations. Check out the big sweet potatoes and the Home Bio gas unit . We believe the plants are growing so well because of previous applications of fungal dominated compost tea to the area last winter when it was just a patch of kikuyu grass . It did receive a thin dressing of solid compost and sheet mulch at planting time ( December 5th 2016) but that is standard practice around here and we usually have to work very hard to establish a new garden . This time, no problem with the usually invasive kikuyu weed and we did not have to water constantly to keep stuff alive. Yee hah! Quality compost and compost tea is easy to do when you know how. I have written a comprehensive manual to explain the process for W.A. growers. We also run courses and our next one is on October 7th and 8th 2017. For further information please email merribeefarmacy@gmail.com



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