Permaculture Course in December in Egypt .

Permaculture practitioner Geoff Lawton has shown on a 10 acre site near Jordan how to green the desert with food. Want to be part of another project greening the desert in nearby South Sinai desert this December?  Tap in  to a real world adventure of vital importance!
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Join us at the very special  Habiba Organic Farm,  Nuweiba for a 10  day Permaculture Design Certificate  course with a dynamic team  from Western Australia: 

What is Permaculture ?

Genius originator  of the Permaculture concept, Bill Mollison, said “it is about designing sustainable human settlements. It is a philosophy and an approach to land use which weaves together microclimate, annual and perennial plants, animals , soils , water management and human needs into intricately connect productive communities.”
Your teachers will be from Western Australia. The  wonderful Mr Olly Watkins ( drummer, exuberant facilitator, primary school teacher , permaculture consultant who makes learning  fun ); Mrs Nada Watkins ( electrical engineer with a passion for waste reduction at source and renewable energy systems); and Ms Bee Winfield  (owner operator Merri Bee Organic farm for 30 years, permaculture teacher, soil life coach and author of “Nourishing soil – a growers  guide to regenerating fertile soil”) . Olly, Nada and Bee will incorporate hands-on exercises to make  a fun and interactive course that will leave you with the basic skills you need to design and set up our own permaculture system.
This intensive course will cover:
  • The principles and ethics of permaculture
  • Using zones, sectors, and elevational planning to save energy and resources
  • Techniques to harvest and hold water in the arid landscape ( soil regeneration, wicking beds, swales, covered water impoundments and grey water systems)
  • Weeds and herbs (their uses in the  nutrient cycle)
  • Integrating a diversity of animals such as poultry, rabbits and goats into your growing systems.
  • Nutrient cycling with hot composting and worm farming, multi species cover crops and pasture cropping with perrenials.
  • Designing low- energy -use human settlements in the desert
  • zones 1 and 2 : Influencing microclimate around the house and veggie garden in arid lands
  • Orchards and woodlots from seed collection through to propagation and establishment
Course Times
The course runs from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. each day .
Fantastic accommodation and 3 meals a day is all included in the ridiculous early bird price of a mere $600.00 Get in quick! 
Secure your spot on this exciting adventure in the birthplace of civilization by visiting 

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