Sour Dough Bread Day Sunday June 21st 2015

Sour Dough Bread Day  Sunday June 21st 2015

Suffer bright white squares of pliable fluff no more!

Sour Dough Bread Day
  at  Merri Bee Organic Farm  on Sunday June 21st  2015
Please join us,  this will  be fun and useful.
 Merri Bee Organic Farm is a 27 acre Permaculture which has been developing for over 30 years . The visitor will find a broad array of tools and techniques for sustainable living, from soil restoration with worms, compost,  perennial pastures combined with managed grazing, food forestry and bamboo, to intensive gardens and hand made homes, we are growing  a place of genuine wealth and abundance . 
One very handy food which can be the most sustaining is bread. Whole wheat is definitely a super food. It is made more digestable by the sour dough fermentation process, and can introduce pro biotics to your intestinal flora. 
Our sourdough bread class, commences at 9 am and finishes  at 3.30 pm. 

We will teach you very clearly how to bake a bread that will outshine nearly all others not only in  health outcomes but in sheer eating pleasure.  Compared to yeast bread , sour dough bread is not crumbly, is moist and keeps very well without going mouldy. It should not taste sour.  We have taught many people the art and they have happily emailed pictures of their creations since doing the course, saying the family are stoked with their new baking skills.  We  provide 
everything: lunch and teas,  course notes, recipes, wonderful bread and starter culture to take home….. so just bring your enthusiasm to learn.
Let’s face facts; what passes for bread these days contains only 6 cents worth of wheat and a cocktail of emulsifiers, bleach, preservatives, and GM soy. It is no longer “the staff of life.” It is not fit for human or animal consumption , and in fact  animals will avoid it.

Over night two very different breads, each in a plastic bag, were in a box in our rough camp kitchen. The home made sourdough wheat bread  on the right was devoured by wild life  ( note the excavation) but wisely, they did not touch the commerical bread on left.
Wheat and Lee growing strongly in 2013

 Learn about how real sourdough bread (with it’s life enhancing nutritional properties) starts with a healthy soil. Follow the creation of bread from the paddock to the farmhouse where we will experience the intriguing age old practices of threshing, winnowing and  milling the grain. On this day you will become proficient at mixing, kneading and baking a bread that will provide essential nourishment for your family. We will show you the streamlined method which Bee uses to turn out 25 loaves every saturday for the markets. Of course you will not go hungry , we intend to send you home nourished with home made soup and many variations on  bread. Sample Merri Bee olives, dried fruits, fresh nuts and the fabulous fresh fruits bestowed on us in the food forest in June. All organic of course.
The cost of this powerfully educational day is   $ 120.00 per person or $200 per couple. For those individuals who car pool, there is a $20 discount.
For enquiries and /or to reserve your spot please email  or phone Bee on 97561408

For further reading on the health benefits of wholewheat bread see the web site of the Dr Weston A Price Foundation. Dr Price used a freshly ground wheat gruel to heal children suffering from terminal disease. Sometimes very sick children were brought to  Dr Price when all hope was gone, even as  the priest had been called in to administer last rights to these children. His cure was freshly ground wheat, golden butter from cows in spring grass, and  whole milk. The young patients were running around in no time. Its all in his excellent  1920’s published book  Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

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