Merri Bee Organic Seeds

We have grown much of our own food for 30 years here on the farm,  great food, and   increasingly from home saved seeds.  Here  is our seed collection, so you too can enjoy the wonderful taste of heritage vegetables and rare fruits.

The seeds we sell are produced on our  organic farm. They are from plants we have found particularly good ( productive and  disease resistant ) over many decades in the Nannup area. Some are the result of a long search for a great tasting vegetable that will grow in the hot  dry / cold wet conditions we experience here. Therefore these locally bred seeds should grow particularly well in the Southwest of Western Australia.

They are open pollinated non hybrid seeds….meaning you can continue on the tradition by saving seeds for yourself. Select the best all round plant which has the traits you desire.

At Merri Bee Organic Farmacy we have growing over 100 species grwoing in our  food forest so we are well placed to provide  the seed diversity necessary for a truly sustainable and self-reliant food system. We wish to supply urban and rural organic agriculture movements with an alternative to  industrially produced, corporate-owned seeds. It  is our hope that many gardeners will look to Merri Bee as a source for local seed sovereignty.

The seed revolution is underway as communities do what comes naturally — grow food, save seeds, and share the harvest. We’re seeing the rebirth of seed saving as an essential part of home gardening and local resilience.

If you have discovered a really useful Permaculture plant and saved its seeds, we are wanting to hear from you!

So far, thankfully, Genetically Engineered crops  have not been grown in our Shire of Nannup, Western Australia. The brassica  family include a  long list of vegetables, ( broccoli, cabbage,  kale, rocket, radish, pakchoy to name some) , and you will notice they include  the most nutritious vegetables you can eat, particularly effective at preventing cancer. It is possible for G.E. canola to hybridize with brassica vegetables by the agency of pollinating  insects. We will continue to keep vigilant regards this concern. For further ( hair raising) information on the dangers of eating genetically engineered plants and their Round Up residues please visit
Food Watch W.A.

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  1. Yeah its true that seed is very beneficially for human being. I need the tips over hybrid & non hybrid seeds with features so please suggest me. If you want to take the tips over organic seeds with various benefits then just go through it.


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