Dr Tom Chalko ….Mt Best Sustainablility

I’ve just spent a fascinating hour exploring the website of Dr Tom Chalko who holds a PhD in holographic light since 1979. Yes, he is a Brain, and he has put his considerable intelligence towards achieving sustainability. Highlights for me are his chest freezer to fridge conversion  and bubble wrap window insulation…. both are fantastic innovations which look surprisingly great and work well. The fridge uses a tenth of the energy of a conventional fridge. Having just had a $2,000 4 year old fridge conk out on us, I will be ordering a chest freezer conversion kit from the Amazing Dr Chalko online shortly and never entering Harvey Norman for a 5 year wonder destined- for- the- tip again.. Tom has created a wonderful abode at Mt Best in the general vicinity of Wilson”s Promontory in Victoria. He has been regenerating rain forest, building a fully renewable energy efficient waste recycling home and has constructed a gorgeous dome glasshouse. He  writes books,  conducts retreats (where you can learn to read auras, walk in the rainforest and  and swim in a natural pool with cascading waterfall) and does all this at very reasonable cost. I love him. Here’s the link to this marvellous man’s website    http://www.mtbest.net/index.html

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  1. Marc Davies says:

    Hi Care to provide an update on the chest freezer..Did it work?TIA


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